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Security ProductsWide range of security systems and value-added services

F5 Security & Automation provides a wide range of security systems and value-added services that can protect what’s important to you.

Our professional technicians can integrate all types of security systems such as intrusion, access control, video surveillance, fire detection, and more into unified, integrated security solutions.

Our team can develop effective solutions for facilities ranging from retail stores, restaurants, and warehouses to financial institutions, corporate office buildings, and government facilities.

Our intrusion detection alarm systems can alert our monitoring centers to intrusions on your property, and with the addition of audio or video verification, they can lead to a priority police response and higher apprehension rate.

With an access control system installed by our team, you can ensure authorized personnel have access to areas when needed, while preventing access by unauthorized personnel.

F5 Security & Automation’s video surveillance (or CCTV) solutions can monitor activity at your facility 24/7, recording to secure DVRs and allowing you to remotely view feeds at any time or provide video documentation when needed.

Our fire alarm systems provide information to both authorities and building occupants to help save lives in an emergency.

24/7 monitoring gives you peace of mind that your staff and assets are well protected.

eServicesView security information in real time

In addition to receiving world-class monitoring services from F5 Security & Automation through our Customer Service Center, clients can take advantage of a broad range of online, real-time eServices, which provide enhanced tools for gaining insight into and managing their accounts.

eDataManager allows customers to view security system information in real time, review alarm incidents, and download a range of reports relating to their security systems. The eVideoManager allows you with remote access and visibility to your security cameras, while also providing video monitoring services as desired.

All of these eServices are reached through a secure, web-based portal so our customers have easy access to their security systems from virtually any internet-connected device.

F5SA Protect Whats Important To You

F5 Security & Automation’s wide range of services, extensive infrastructure, and highly skilled personnel allow us to deliver operational excellence. This commitment has helped us earn numerous recognition’s so you can count on receiving truly award-winning services and effective security systems for protecting what’s important to you.

For more information about F5 Security & Automation and our comprehensive security solutions make sure you contact us. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about adding a security system to any home or business anywhere in North America.

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